Many autistic people and their loved ones are disappointed and failed by ‘one size fits all’ approaches to mental health.

At 2diverse we expertly tailor psychological support to suit the way each person’s brain works, so our clients get help in a format they can actually use and gain confidence in their ability to live a meaningful life.

Build a life that works for you

with autism-friendly mental health support that understands what you’ve been through and affirms who you are

Imagine not needing to:

  • waste precious time and energy trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong
  • exhaust yourself trying to do things the way ‘everyone else’ does them
  • feel like it’s your fault because well-meaning ‘experts’ can’t help and things are getting worse rather than better

We help you redirect all that effort into new ways of understanding and living your life that will make sense for you, so you can become confident in your decisions and have more energy for the things that really matter.

Please be aware that this is a brand new website and very basic at the moment but we hope you’ll bear with us as we add content and functionality over the next few months. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch straightaway – we love answering questions!

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