Build a life that works for you, and your loved ones

Offering autism-friendly mental health support that understands what you’ve been through and affirms who you are.

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Many autistic people – and their loved ones- are disappointed and failed by “one size fits all” approaches to mental health, such as therapies that deepen masking behaviour, or discount how damaging it can be to submit yourself to overwhelming and painful social and sensory environments.

At 2diverse we understand that every autistic person’s brain works differently, and we provide psychological support that’s tailored expertly for each of our clients, whether you are the parent of an autistic child, or autistic yourself.

This means you get help in a format you can actually use, and gain confidence that you and your loved ones will be able to live meaningful lives.

Imagine not needing to:

  • Waste precious time and energy trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong
  • Exhaust yourself trying to do things the way “everyone else” does them
  • Feel like it’s your fault because well-meaning “experts” can’t help and things are getting worse rather than better

We help you redirect all that effort into new ways of understanding and living your life that will make sense for you, so you can become confident in your decisions, and have more energy for the things that really matter.

Your autistic teen deserves to lead a fulfilling life...

Learn the steps to effectively supporting them along the way!

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Meet Sarah Pagdin

Unlike most psychologists in the autism and neurodivergent therapy space, I understand your struggle, first hand. Not only am I the parent of a young autistic adult, I’m autistic myself.

I’ve had plenty of opportunities to take what I’ve learned in my work and use it in our own family, as well as with my clients. The journey we’ve all been on has been, and continues to be, remarkable, despite the many challenges.

Now, my adult child, Alexis, and I work side-by-side, each bringing our lived experience and expertise to the work we do as individuals and as a team. Together we are 2diverse, and supporting autistic people and their loved ones in their journey to a sustainable and fulfilling life is what gets us up in the morning! (That, and a good cup of tea.)

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