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2diverse works with clients across the UK and overseas using online platforms for all our consultations.

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We provide expert mental health support for autistic people.

Most of our clients are older teens or young adults and/or their parents. We work with everyone involved to help them understand and experience what genuinely autistic-affirming support looks like in practice.

We listen carefully to make sure we understand all our clients’ needs and strengths, as well as the context in which they live and work, and we make every effort to tailor our support accordingly.

Our approach

Autistic individuals live in a world that’s designed for people who are not autistic. As a result, they face many challenges that are often compounded by a lack of understanding and support from those around them.

We therefore encourage all our clients, whatever their neurotype, to consider situations from a standpoint that affirms autistic people, and recognises a person’s strengths and capacity to thrive in the right setting.

We focus on helping clients deal with their challenges through improving communication and strengthening their key relationships, enhancing mental health and well-being in the process.

Meet the Team

2diverse works with clients across the UK and overseas using online platforms for all our consultations. 2diverse is also very much a family affair!

Sarah Pagdin

I help young autistic people and their parents navigate the transition to adulthood more safely and confidently, by teaching parents the guiding principles and skills they need to nurture their young person’s growth so the whole family can worry less and have more confidence about the future. Where possible I work directly with young people, as well as their parents, to help them grow into a healthy, sustainable, and fulfilled adulthood.

As an autistic psychologist and parent to a young autistic adult (Alexis), I’ve had plenty of opportunities to take what I’ve learned in my work and use it in our own family, as well as with my clients. Together we’ve learned how to navigate the transition to adulthood 

I’m a HCPC registered counselling psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. I live in the northwest of England and work online across the UK and beyond.

Alexis Pagdin

I work alongside Sarah contributing ideas and insights from my own experience as a young autistic person facing many challenges of different kinds.

I  co-present at training sessions and write content to share with parents in our membership community and beyond. I’m interested in researching and writing about the pre-modern history of autistic people and the intersection between autistic people and gender identity.

2diverse also has many connections within the autistic community and with other professionals working in this field. This gives us access to a wide range of resources we can draw on in our work. It also gives us the chance to be part of interesting collaborative projects, such as guest blogging.

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